Keith and Sally, Lecturers, Uganda

Tippy Taps Project with pilot schools

Lecturers at Canon Apollo Core PTC, Teachers Training College in Fort Portal, Uganda. Keith is a Woodwork and Metalwork Tutor and Sally is a Teacher Trainer and Curriculum Advisor. A note from Sally’s monthly newsletter: “The second year student’s return on 14th September, then it is the mad frenzy when…

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Orla, IT Trainer, Tanzania

IT Trainer in Arusha and Malambo, Tanzania Orla has recently returned to Malambo Parish in Tanzania to replicate a project which she set up and ran in Esso Parish in Arusha. It was identified that skills training was essential in both areas and IT training was especially a skill of…

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Ber, Development Coordinator, Uganda

Volunteer Women in Development Coordinator for Caritas Kampala in Uganda Ber works under the Caritas Kampala Diocese in the Gender in Development Programme. The current activities include: Capacity building on thematic areas, agricultural activities, vocational and soft skills trainings, cottage industries, sanitation and hygiene programmes, saving and credit scheme and…

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Jakob, Project Manager, Kenya

Project Manager for Human Trafficking organisation (HAART) in Kenya Although human trafficking is rampant in Kenya, there is little awareness and resistance to the tactics of human traffickers. Jakob works with Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) in Kenya. He recently worked on a new and exciting project called “Arts 2…

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VMM International Resilience Building Projects 

Sitima Project Vegetable Garden

Sustainable Living in Malawi: One of the main aims behind VMM’s mission is to strengthen resilience in communities faced by the daily challenges of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, made more difficult by the disproportionate effects of climate change, on the global south. VMM helps communities by combining their strengths to rise to these…

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