Short-Term Programme Continues Success

Short-term volunteer assisting primary school students

Life Changing Experiences from Two of VMM’s Short-Term Volunteers: “Shocked is an understatement, when I told my family and friends that I was going to be volunteering in Uganda for four weeks”, Louise Dobinson told us. “I was constantly asked, ‘Why?’, with many people fearing for my safety. In my…

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VMM International Resilience Building Projects in Malawi

Sitima Project Vegetable Garden

Sustainable Living in Malawi: One of the main aims behind VMM’s mission is to strengthen resilience in communities faced by the daily challenges of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, made more difficult by the disproportionate effects of climate change, on the global south. VMM helps communities by combining their strengths to rise to these…

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Progress: A Shelter for Victims of Human Trafficking.

James Fahey, VMM’s short term volunteer at HAART in Kenya, wrote this insightful article for this month’s newsletter. To read more about his time in Kenya, have a look at his blog On the 8th of June I traveled to an undisclosed location in Kenya to visit HAART’s shelter for…

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Computers in Chilanga

By teaching ICT at two schools in Zambia, VMM volunteer Melissa Scott has learned an important lesson about international development – that people need education and skills to make proper use of their resources. When I heard that the Zambian school where I was going to be working had an…

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Humans of VMM

I am going to be honest. I don’t want to have children, I never wanted to and I think I never will. That doesn’t make me less of a woman (although in Africa people think you are less of a woman if you are not a mother; and it is…

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Matatus, Ugali and a Big Warm Welcome

Ignacio is the newest member of the VMM Family. He arrived in Kenya in January and works for HAART Kenya as their Legal Project Manager. Here he gives us his first impressions of life in Nairobi. Every airport is kind of the same: lots of people, nervous facial expressions before border…

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