‘At Home’ at the Heart of the VMM Family

VMM Partner Organisations in Sierra Leone

VMM International’s presence in West Africa, establishing deep relationships with our partner organisations and the people, was interrupted by the Ebola outbreak. Funded by Misean Cara, our volunteer Jeana Baker recently arrived on a mission to review VMM’s projects in Sierra Leone and experienced this land of warm welcome and…

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Open volunteer role: VMM Development Programme Administrator

Applications Are Now Closed. Development Programme Administrator VMM’s partner organisation is a not-for-profit school for the hearing impaired based in Sierra Leone, offering education and language acquisition according to the Maternal Reflective Method (MRM) supported with sign language. This allows children to learn to speak, write and read in any…

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Water for life: Improving access to water in Northern Uganda

Ugandan girl at her new borehole

In partnership with Kiyinda Mityana Diocese in Uganda, VMM have had incredible success with helping over 5000 people access clean water for the first time this year. The Misean Cara funded project involved a variety of activities to improve the lives of communities in North West Uganda, where access to…

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A Father-Daughter Team in Kenya!

Father and daughter short term volunteers

Jerry and Liz, a father and daughter team, went on a VMM Short Term Volunteer placment in July 2017 for 4 weeks. They volunteered in teaching and organic farming with VMM partner organisation Justice and Mercy, a community based organisation working to support the vulnerable people in Homa Bay country,…

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VMM International Parish Appeals

Motivations and Benefits of Volunteering on Parish Appeals: My wife, Fiona, and I love carrying out Parish Appeals on 3 or 4 weekends each year. Why do we love them? Firstly, fundraising like this means we can collect sometimes over £1000 per weekend which supports VMM and provides money for…

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Teaching ICT Skills Goes a Long Way

VMM ICT Training

Education and Skills in International Development: By teaching ICT at two schools in Zambia, VMM volunteer, Melissa Scott, learned an important lesson about international development – that people education and skills to make proper use of their resources. Read her story below: When I heard that the Zambian school where…

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Short-Term Programme Continues Success

Short-term volunteer assisting primary school students

Life Changing Experiences from Two of VMM’s Short-Term Volunteers: “Shocked is an understatement, when I told my family and friends that I was going to be volunteering in Uganda for four weeks”, Louise Dobinson told us. “I was constantly asked, ‘Why?’, with many people fearing for my safety. In my…

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VMM International Resilience Building Projects 

Sitima Project Vegetable Garden

Sustainable Living in Malawi: One of the main aims behind VMM’s mission is to strengthen resilience in communities faced by the daily challenges of living in Sub-Saharan Africa, made more difficult by the disproportionate effects of climate change, on the global south. VMM helps communities by combining their strengths to rise to these…

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