Short Term Volunteer Roles

Volunteering for Short Term roles with VMM

Our Short Term roles consist of volunteer work with our partners for two weeks to 6 months. We welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds, on a year round basis. All applicants should be at least 18 years of age. We can find anyone a placement, from the recent school leaver to the experienced retiree. Just let us know what you like to do and what you’re good at, and we’ll find a placement with one of our partner organisations that suits you down to the ground.

Volunteer Opportunities in Africa


VMM have multiple opportunities for teachers and teaching assistants in primary and secondary schools, university and vocational training in Malawi, Uganda, Kenya. Qualified teachers are in high demand and provide much needed guidance in addition to teaching. Teachers can assist the school in areas such as lesson planning, or teacher training, one-to-one help for the students. Teaching assistants can also help in the preparation of lessons and a range of after-school learning activities such as homework clubs, sports, arts and crafts and drama classes. Schools can be very basic and have limited facilities and volunteers will witness the joy and appreciation children have for education, overcoming any obstacle to go to school.


VMM are delighted to offer IT placements in beautiful Malawi. If you have skills in networking, website design, knowledge of Microsoft or Linux programmes or you are a computer repair technician, this is the ideal placement for you. As this particular placement requires specific skills, we require your CV in addition to our application form.


Academics can avail of research placements in areas such as child protection, human rights, innovative health technologies, communicable and non-communicable diseases, HIV and AIDS, youth protection end empowerment and much more. We will ensure that the placement is the proper fit and will assist in the production of quality research. You will have the opportunity to meet people who are actively engaging in specific research areas who are continually striving to enhance the quality of life for others. If you or your education department have a specific area you wish to research independently or as part of an academic programme, please email Fiona at to discuss your requirements.


VMM partners with several organisations who work in and campaign for the human rights and dignity of others. Projects include girl empowerment, gender equality, women’s hygiene projects and children’s rights. Partners also work to combat human trafficking. Creating awareness of trafficking and modern day slavery, they identify and assist the victims of human trafficking and work towards prosecution of perpetrators.


VMM partners with several community organisations in countries such as Uganda, Malawi and Kenya, who are working on vital projects involving food security and sustainability, rain-water harvesting, drought relief and crop rotation. Some projects have been able to provide livestock such as cows and goats to the community as well as seeds for cultivation. Another project responds to deforestation as a result of the demand for firewood. In addition, we have projects including tree nurseries, reclaiming land and micro-environmental agri–schemes and income generation projects.


Our partners in construction rarely just work in construction but work to deliver renovation and services to schools and health centres in the area and surrounding districts. Activities involve foundation and brick laying, plastering, installation of metal windows and doors, black boards, concrete floors, ceilings, latrines and hand washing facilities, painting and water harvesting. Volunteers have the chance to work with local tradesmen to share and learn skills. Not only are our partners looking for skilled tradespeople to volunteer, but they encourage others who are happy to get involved and work hard as labourers to join their projects.

For further information on any of the opportunities above email programme coordinator:

Check our short term volunteer FAQ section.

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