Why VMMs Short Term Programme

Why should I consider VMM?

VMM is committed to its volunteers and improving the work of its overseas partners. Your experience will be supported by organisations that have been working with volunteers since their inception and will assure that your project is both fulfilling to you and has an impact on their organisation and the people that need assistance. Your will be supervised by an experienced coordinator who is familiar with the organisation and is experienced in similar volunteer training programmes.

Not only will you have a coordinator for support but you will also be an area where VMM has long term volunteers. You will be provided additional support through our network of experienced VMs that are in country at the time of your placement.

Also, if you are considering overseas volunteering in the future, your initial project will give you the experience you need for potential placements. VMM has many positions that need to be filled by those with experience overseas and appropriate skills. By participating in our short term programme, you would have an excellent chance of additional overseas placements for the future.

Following your project, an inspirational programme for those who participate in the projects will be held in Liverpool. Exploration of what to do next, how the experience has affected your life and what projects you might want to find out more about. We can also connect you with programmes in Justice and Peace and events throughout the country where you can link with other VMs. Opportunity to learn about development and social change before and after your project will be an essential part of the programme.

If your next role is towards mission work or development we can give you with the right information to help make your decisions. Perhaps you want to go to a university or obtain a Masters in Development or take teaching coursework.

We have a crowd of experienced return volunteers who are delivering change by helping communities in the UK and continuing work abroad. You can be part of this exciting network of return volunteers.

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